Grasp Your Future

Take life by the hands with a GAIA prosthesis

Meet Nick

University of Utah Biomedical Engineering

PhD Student

Nick and his team of engineers have been working tirelessly to bring you GAIA and what they represent.

The GAIA team want to ensure that all members of the limb difference community have the ability to obtain the best technology available to date at an affordable price. 


Nick's driving force is the following:

"To put it simply, upper limb prosthetics don't work. They are fragile, malfunction, and often times the people who have them forfeit wearing them all together because they feel it makes tasks more difficult."

Nick wants to change the lives of people in the limb difference community and he has developed sensors that can do just that.

What GAIA Does


Equal Access

Emergent Futurism



You Are In Control

We promote the limb difference community through individual empowerment via technological innovation.

Affordable Embodiment

We believe everyone in the limb difference community should have access to the best functionality out there.

That is why we have worked hard to research and create durable sensors for prosthetics that are affordable.


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